People helping people in the name of Jesus



The UCW was formed as a group of women who volunteered at the church and beyond, in the days when men went out to work and women stayed home.  Often their social life and volunteering centred around the church.  This is no longer the norm and College Street United Church, being an inclusive and progressive community, welcomes men into this organization, acknowledging their equally valuable contribution.

A core group serves the community directly by providing low cost catering/meals to organizations such as CAMH, ONPHA, HOUSELINK and others.

The group meets throughout the year (excluding the summer break), on a monthly basis Sundays at the church or at private residences and smaller groups in between as planned for special projects.

They organize and run fundraising events like the yard sales, bake sales and the annual Christmas Bazaar.

Hazel Boyle has agreed to take on the leadership of the group for this year with a kick off meeting on Sept 29 after church.  Following a special "welcome back" coffee hour, we will have lunch and a reading/discussion led by Marjorie King (while some of our people are at choir practice).  As we regroup, we will continue the meeting with reports on activities since the last meeting and a presentation by Chris Levan about the upcoming conference.  In light of this, we will then figure out how each of us can best help with this project, as many varying talents are needed.  We will close with a selection of favourite hymns for all generations.

If you would like to learn more about the UNITED CHURCH WONDERS, please contact Hazel at <[email protected]> or Silke at the office Mo-Fri 9:30am-1:30pm at 416 929 3019.


Year's final party chez Hazel and Jim