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confirmation classes have begun

Confirmation Class Fall Schedule 2016


Welcome back


We’re meeting again on Tuesdays …beginning at 4:45 pm until 6:15 ish

Everyone is welcome. Come when you can and leave when you must.  There are two movie nights…we need to plan ahead and get the time free.

I will always have food for us.



Sept. 20th 

            -Befriending as the first step in the new year

            -Getting-to-know-you exercises

            -plans for the fall, for the full year

            -Luke 10:3-37  “Who is my neighbor?”


Sept. 27th

            -Belonging as the first impulse

            -the Jesus Facebook  / Snapchat account

            -Matthew 25 “The company of losers!”


Oct.  11th 

            -Beholding …the first reaction

            -Wonder and the place of worship

            -go to see the movie “Sully”


Oct.  18th

            -Becoming the first risk

            -Genesis 2:4ff

            -Michelaneglo’s ceiling picture


Nov.  1

            -Betraying…growing up

            -Mark 15  “they all fled”

-Watch a scene from “My Summer in Proveance,”  “Les Untoucables,”  “Love       Actually”


Nov. 22

            Beseeching…the rite of passage

            -help with auction


Nov. 29

            -Beloving…where it all begins

            -Luke 1, Matthew 1

            -watch movie: “Loving”


Dec. 13

            -Believing …four ways to believe

            -Christmas party


  • 9 courses
    9 courses
  • Lots of room for food and conversation
    Lots of room for food and conversation
  • Bailey serves it up
    Bailey serves it up
  • Darrell is hungry
    Darrell is hungry
  • A great crowd!
    A great crowd!


We meet every second Tuesday at 4:45 p.m. All young people are welcome.